• Carl Battreall

Shotkit Feature

I have been recently featured on the website Shotkit. Shotkit is a website celebrating the materialistic aspect of the medium of photography. It showcases the equipment of prominent photographers from all over the world. You might think it is strange that they wanted to feature me, a minimalist, with equipment that is considered prehistoric (my digital camera body is six years old!). I would agree.

However, I want to thank Shotkit for the profile. Featuring me on their site shows that they are mature enough to recognize that not every photographer is motivated by equipment or seduced by the upgrade illusion promoted by camera brand marketers.

I have been accused of being "anti-technology", that is not true. I choose to use a digital camera instead of a film camera because of modern technology and what it has to offer. The reality is that the each new generation of camera offers minimal improvements, especially in the realm of image quality, the main concern for me. Most of the significant improvements in camera technology revolve around video capture and high speed frame rates, technology I simply don't use.

The current obsession with camera size is the main fuel powering the upgrade machine. Almost every manufacture has introduced a completely new camera system in the past few years. These new, tiny camera systems require purchasing new lenses and accessories, creating more obsolete products. Little, lightweight cameras are often more difficult to use and honestly, a 20% size reduction and a 3-4 ounce weight saving is in not a big deal and it is not worth spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to switch systems.

We all understand that camera manufactures need to make money and constantly introducing new camera bodies and new systems is their way of doing just that. It is unfortunately, a waste of natural resources and a scourge on our planet. There are better ways to make money. We should be putting pressure on manufactures to introduce more firmware updates and to actually make a robust, photographer designed camera body that can be physically upgraded. How awesome would it be, if we could send our camera body in for some upgrades instead of having to purchase a whole new body.

If you are in need of new equipment, please consider purchasing used gear. And if you want to try something new out or need a specific lens for an upcoming trip or assignment, rent it! Renting gear and purchasing used equipment is the best way for us to tell manufacturers that we, the consumers, aren't willing to play the upgrade game by their rules anymore.

So check out my profile on Shotkit, this will let them know you appreciate them thinking outside of the box.