• Carl Battreall

Prints #73 and #74

Print #74, Alaska, 2021

This past week I went on a bikepacking trip along the Kenai Peninsula coastline. We covered 80 miles of beach, which ranged from soft and silky sand to large, wind sculpted boulders that we had to lug our bikes over. This trip is known for its amazing views of the Aleutian Volcanoes, waterfalls that plunge off the towering cliffs, crashing onto the beach and dilatated homes, boats and fishing shacks that are being consumed by the sea. All three were plentiful.

In my past life, I would have photographed all aspects of the trip, would write an article and try and hustle the package to editors. This time, I wasn't even planning to bring my camera, but at the last moment I decided to drag it along, assuming I would have some downtime to dedicate to image making.

Bikepacking is a minimalist pursuit. It requires you to strip everything down to the essentials, a camera isn't essential so it was a tough decision to make. In the end, the lack of tripod, bright cloudless days and general exhaustion resulted in only two images. If I was doing this trip again, I would leave the camera at home. However, I did discover some new terrain I would like to return to when I can make photography the pursuit and photograph with intention.

Print #73, Alaska, 2021