• Carl Battreall

Print #75

13x19 Peizography carbon ink print on Canson fiber based paper.
Print #75, Alaska, 2021

Fall has arrived in Alaska. This is when I start to get really excited to go out and photograph. Yesterday, my friend Javid and I headed up to the Byron Glacier and explored a few ice caves. Technically, this is just a firn snow cave, not a glacial ice cave. These snow deposits are left over from winter's heavy snow, which comes off the upper slopes and into the valley as massive avalanches. Usually, these melt away by mid summer, however, this year, most were still there, allowing access to some areas that are usually inaccessible, due to steep canyons and raging water.

As far as the actual glacier, its main body has creeped its way up the cliffside and takes some mountaineering skills to reach its beautiful blue body. There is a small, abandoned section of the glacier that is still accessible, but this year, it is mainly covered by these huge avalanche deposits. Occasional you get a glimpse of some blue ice. These snow deposits have protected this little surviving piece of glacier from summer melt, allowing it to survive one more summer.