• Carl Battreall

Icicle Series

I have been labelled a project photographer for most of my career. When I decided to return to my black and white roots, I wanted to step away from projects and just photograph what I wanted, no matter what the subject. Nine months later, a project has formed. I guess its just the way I work.

An icicle can be slender and appear delicate. It can also be stout and appear strong. They can be transparent like glass or cloudy like milk. I am fascinated by the idea that a small, continuous drip of water can create such intimate, crystal sculptures. I am of course, attracted to subjects that exemplify the concept of impermanence. An icicle can double its height overnight. One warm day can make them vanish, gone as quickly as they were created.

You can view more of this growing body of work at: Icicle Series