• Carl Battreall

A Year in Review

Print #1, 2020

It has been just over one year since my body failed. I used those early months I was ill, as my mind and body wasted away, waiting for a diagnosis, to contemplate my life, career, and artistic direction. This blog and website are the result of those months of reflection.

I figured I would look back and choose a few of my favorite images from the past year. With that said, I only print and share images that I really enjoy, everything else is trashed, deleted. So really, all the images I have taken are favorites. During the past one-year span since returning to my black and white roots and my one camera, one lens, one print philosophy, have I created 74 prints. Honestly, it was many more than I expected.

Another bit of photography related news. This Spring I decided to completely retire from photography, as a money-making endeavor. Thirty years has been long enough, and I have no more interest in being a “professional”. Time to do it for the enjoyment of it, without any concern about making money. If I sell a print or two, great, but if I do not, that is fine too.

Thanks for coming along on this adventure.